Steal Your Soul

There are times when you shoot all day but know that having one good shot, really good, will make your day. And once you have the shot you’re open to doing whatever you want for the rest of the day, take chances. I grabbed this shot while stopped on the side of the road in the Lehigh Valley a couple weekends ago, out shooting the Rapha Gent’s Race. Saw this young Mennonite kid wandering into his father’s barn and I had just stopped to scout out a spot to shoot the riders. So I followed him into the barn, asked his dad permission to take a photo, and everything else was as you see it. His older brother assuming the stand-off stance was icing on the cake. Anyway, I knew this shot was money as I was taking it and from that point on the day just flew by with other good shots, but none even close to as cool as this one.