Some Details

I generally don’t talk about details of shoots too often, not in a public forum anyway. Part of that is respecting the client, part of it is laziness on my part, and part of it is trying to keep some mystery in the whole deal. I had the opportunity to shoot Fabian Cancellara, that little dot in the middle of this shot after winning Paris-Roubaix, in the week between his wins at Flanders and Roubaix. I was told we had an hour to shoot him, so I went out and scouted a location for the riding shots ahead of time. Bam, next morning we rolled out to the location and spent no more than 15 minutes shooting him on the bike. Back to the hotel in Kortrijk and up to his hotel room for a shot I’d thought of (worked out really well, btw). Besides tracking mud into his room and getting a teensy bit lost on our way out of Kortrijk, it was smooth as could be. Clocked just on an hour. He was completely professional, but I got the distinct feeling that when he said I had 60 minutes for the shoot I probably didn’t have 65. Still, even though I shot him from 6 inches away in a scene I completely controlled, I think this shot is my favorite of him from the week.