Weights&Pulleys was incredible." />

Lost Roll

Finally, like two months on, I got my last roll from Belgium processed. It had been wandering in the wilderness of my office/camera cases, but with film processing not the easiest thing to get these days I figured I’d wait. Worth it, I think. When I was poking around the Roubaix Velodrome I was amazed at all the great colors and textures, none of which I’d ever seen documented before (I’m sure someone has but I’ve not seen it.) So I just hung out in the garage right behind the bar and grabbed a couple riders who’d been shelled earlier the race and were on their way to the showers – which were off-limits to shooting this year for some reason. At first I was just happy to shoot the garage itself, those cool windows, the great color, etc. – but then I realized there were going to be plenty of filthy, wasted riders coming through. Easy. Hope people like the new look to the web site, I’m really happy with how it turned out and the process of working with the hotshots at Weights&Pulleys was incredible.