Archive Cleaning

With a teensy bit of down time at home I decided to organize the office, which had degenerated into utter squalor over the past several months. I’m not the world’s greatest organizer, preferring the pile-it-up method of cataloging, but every now and again even I get the urge to put things in their useful place. So found this shot while I was moving piles around, not taken recently (obviously). I’ve always had issues scanning cross processed images, since there’s a significant amount of bleed from the edges of the film onto the image area, resulting in some discoloration around the image edge. Not good. But I found some tape that works well in masking the edges and that seems to have solved the problem. So here it is. Took this just up the road during the winter. Camera info: Pentax 67 with 105/2.4, Ektachrome EPP shot at ISO 50 cross processed and pushed 1.5 stops.