How’s That?

A quick hit out to PDX for a little road shoot. And, damn, it was full-on summer out there. Forgot my sunscreen in the hotel room but luckily trusty Jeff T had some in his bag of assistant tricks. A winter in NH does not prepare one for the first blast of summer. I’d never shot much west of PDX proper and the countryside out there was nothing short of spectacular. No wonder there are so many cyclists in the area. The other thing about shooting in that region, this time of year the days are getting looooong. So it would be possible to shoot light-wise for 14 hrs in a single day. Clients love that long day, bringing bang to the buck. I get a whole 10 days home before yet another West Coast trip, that’s six since February for anyone keeping track. But during that time we have the Coyote Hill Classic, possibly the best MTB race in New England. Nice.