Time Before the Time

Even though I’ve been eating, sleeping, and breathing Euro bike racing for the past week, it’s nice to shoot something other than (like this sweet overpass as we were waiting for the race). And I do love shooting over here (in Belgium, BTW) because the light is incredible more often than not. So to recap, I shot Flanders and Gent-Wevelgem in the past 5 days. This year I decided to see (and shoot) as much of the race as possible so I hit up my man Mario and his brother Yuri, natives of these parts, to be my drivers. And they killed it, we saw Flanders 13 times and Gent 11 times. Totally unheard of for someone not on a moto. These guys knew the tiny cow paths like the backs of their collective hands, it was amazing to see. And while this is all great and some people look at it as living the dream, the time away from home is a constant drag on everyone involved, this period of the year in particular for some reason. But it keeps ticking along and it’s all part of the game. I could be sitting at a desk and hating life, and I keep reminding myself of that fact.