I started blogging about my work as a photographer almost 15 years ago. Back then I was barely a photographer; more, a writer who wanted to be a photographer. I look back at my images from that time and they weren’t very good. Over time I embraced that I may never be totally satisfied with what I shot, but that wasn’t always the point, anyway.

So it’s fitting that, now, I’m shutting down my blog – it’s actually been pretty dormant, like, dead for some time – because just posting for posting sake isn’t the point, anyway. I post to other platforms, places that didn’t exist when I started.

And past that, I don’t even shoot the same way I used to. For my final BLOG shot I thought it pretty ironic that my favorite recent image was actually a frame grab from a video project. Things change, you move on, you hope not to suck, you try not to dwell. And you cannot imagine what another 15 years will bring.